January 15, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Let’s explore our voices & sound!

Exploring Our Voices & Harmony: 
From the Life is a Whole Body Experience Sessions™ with Jeff Hanna
Tuesdays: January 8 ~ 29; 1-2pm

Do you want to explore your voice to find out how you want to sound? Or how to get the sounds you want? Are you having enough fun singing yet? Or find yourself hesitant to sing out? Wondering about harmonies?

These sessions are about doing, rather than talking. Using the method of ‘monkey see, monkey do’, we can discuss our experiences afterwards, as desired.

For ukers & anyone, all welcome. And FYI, we won’t be soloing.

From the Life is a Whole Body Experience Sessions™ with Jeff Hanna, author of Life is a Whole Body Experience (unpublished).

Jeff Hanna, co-owner of The Rhythm Inlet, & steward of the ukuleles at The Ukulele Place, combines his masterful teaching style & a background in singing & performing in small a-cappella groups, with a love of music & a desire to inspire us all to find fun in making & discovering sound.

Registration is required
Cost is $60, & includes your monthly Membership to The Rhythm Inlet & The Ukulele Place.

FMI & to register, please call (941) 966-5800.

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