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Registration Policies

Please call (941) 966-5800 anytime to register or for more information. Registration is advanced payment, name, phone number, and email. It is non-refundable unless we cancel the class or event, in which case you will be contacted by phone. Any registrations the day of an event or class, or surprise walk-ins, will be accommodated as best we can, if there is room, and may cost more.

Mike Lehner & Jeff Hanna at The Ukulele Place

Learn to Play Chord Melodies on the Ukulele, with Mike Lehner
5 Mondays: February 19 thru March 19; 6-8pm

An introduction to chord melody playing on the re-entrant tuned ukulele, covering 3 different methods of chord melody arranging. Emphasis will also be placed on right & left-hand techniques needed. By completion, students will have sufficient skill & knowledge to create their own chord melodies. Bring to class: paper & pencil, “The Daily Ukulele: 365 Songs for Better Living” by Jim

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Sing ’n’ Strum-Along & Open Mic, with the Suncoast Sand Fleas
Friday, February 23; 6:30-8:30pm

Each month, The Ukulele Place hosts The Suncoast Sand Fleas, a ukulele Meetup group for players of all levels, for a sing ’n’ strum-along. Everyone’s welcome! Come strum, sing, percuss, toe-tap, or simply relax & enjoy the music & merriment with these fun folks.

Sometimes we enjoy a social schmooze with refreshments during a break. Several go out

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Djembe Djam: For All Past & Present Beginner Djembe Graduates
Tuesday, March 6; 6-7:30pm

Welcome ALL of Barbara’s students from past classes to join the current Beginner Djembe Graduates, for a jam on the Drumsongs “Joyla” & “Djembe Rumba”! Even if you don’t remember them, or haven’t drummed in a long time, I’ll help you return to that ride into rhythm! We’ll review each part briefly, adding variations when applicable. We’ll divide the circle into our rotating parts

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Beyond Beginner Djembe: Level 2
8 Tuesdays: March 13 thru May 1; 5:45-7:15pm

Deepen your relationship to the drum & pulse, refine your hand technique, meet the challenges of Level 2 material, & enjoy reuniting with your fellow drummers! Your lessons begin to click, your learning curve hits a comfort zone, & your drumming is expertly brought to a whole new level of music & fun.

Master Teacher, Barbara Gail, welcomes all graduates of her Beginner Djembe Weekly Series…

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Soaring & mesmerizing flutes & stories.

Hawk Henries Returns! House Concert & Private & Semi-private Lessons
Saturday & Sunday, March 17 & 18

Native American Flute Player, Creator, Musician, Artist, & Storyteller, Hawk Henries, is a member of the Chaubunagungamaug band of Nipmuck, a people indigenous to what is now Southern New England. He’s a professional Native Flute Composer, Player, Recording Artist, Flute Maker, & Weaver of Stories, sharing his remarkable gifts nationally & internationally.

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Sing ’n’ Strum-Along & Open Mic, with the Suncoast Sand Fleas
Friday, March 23; 6:30-8:30pm

STRUM ‘n’ SING ALONG – Monthly at The Ukulele Place at The Rhythm Inlet. Everyone’s welcome! Come strum, sing, toe tap, percuss, or simply relax & enjoy the music & merriment of some nice folks.

OPEN MIC – We’ve got the sound system, whether a work-in-progress or polished piece, we welcome you to present your latest inspiration! So that he knows what to set up, please let Jeff know ahead of time. Call 941-966-5800, or post your request here on the RSVP page…

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Jeff & Barbara with The Little Things in Edinburgh, Scotland!

Introducing The Little Things! Ukulele Workshop & Concert
Saturday, April 14
Afternoon Workshop & Evening Concert (times TBA)

We can’t wait for you to meet & hear these 2 talented young ladies from The Keys, who we met while they performed in Edinburgh, Scotland, at The Fringe Festival! In my view they’re like a millennial Indigo Girls with ukuleles. Bright, upbeat, smart, fun music.

Details coming soon, so mark your calendars! Meanwhile, check ’em out on Facebook!

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Rehearsal for DrumRise! Winter Solstice
Saturday, December 15, 3-5pm

All women drummers are welcome to join Barbara Gail for “DrumRise! The Art of Women’s Drumming” rehearsal for the Winter Solstice Ceremony, planned for tomorrow, Sunday, December 16. Any woman, of any playing level, who wishes to participate in our drum & percussion ensemble for this beautiful & moving ritual event, will be welcome & have a place. Rehearsal is absolutely required, no exceptions, sorry. Call Barbara at 941-223-0180 FMI. Click here for the Facebook Event.

Winter Solstice Ceremony: Enter Darkness, Return to Light
Sunday, December 16: arrive 5:15pm, service begins promptly at 5:30pm

Welcome men, women & interested teens for ceremony & celebration. Join Barbara Gail & “DrumRise! The Art of Women’s Drumming” in a memorable & meaningful participatory event that honors the the longest night of the year, & the return of the light-filled days growing longer. We clear away the old & that which no longer serves, preparing fresh ground for the garden of new intentions…

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