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“Genuine caring, knowledgable customer service. Truly a pleasure doing business with you!”

~ Square Customer, October 2015

“Selection is awesome! Jeff is honest, knowledgeable and kind.”

~ Square Customer, June 2017

“Your Place is a ONE OF A KIND!”

~ Bob, in a card, March 2016

“I love your classes and you are a GREAT instructor….  I tell everybody and their brother that.”

~ Carol, in an email, November 2016

“I think you’re a superlative teacher, extremely clear, patient, and consistently upbeat.”

~ Samantha, in an email, February 2017

“A more kind, joyful and generous person is hard to find! You’re one in a billion. When I sat in the first uke class with you, it changed everything for me. I leave your classes like I’d been hit by lightning. I guess you could say you’re a lightning rod for good vibes and kindness.”

~ Mary Jo, on Facebook, January 2017

“I’ve learned more than I imagined about music since I’ve been taking ukulele lessons from Jeff for about one and a half years. Also at The Ukulele Place I’ve attended Mike’s finger picking and chord melody classes, and I’ve gone to all the seminars and concerts with guest artists they’ve hosted. This has encouraged me to learn more on my own, and given me confidence to play in front of other people. The Ukulele Place has become more than a place to take lessons. It’s been like having an extended family.”

~ Alan, on Facebook, January 2017

“Love your classes. You’re such a great teacher, fun, caring, easy going, sensitive… A joy.”

~ Nancy, on Facebook, January 2017

“You are a blessing to all who love music.”

~ Rosie, on Facebook, January 2017

“Your style of teaching makes it FUN! And you have so much patience with us older slower people.”

~ Bob, in a card, March 2016