November 4, 2019 @ 3:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Victoria Vox

Victoria Vox, Special Guest Artist from California!
Monday, November 4

Workshop & a Concert, enjoy one, or both!
FMI & to reserve, call 941-966-5800. Space is limited.

Victoria Vox is an award-winning songwriter & performer. Originally from Green Bay, WI, Vox has lived in France, England, Nashville, Baltimore, & now resides in Costa Mesa, CA.

Vox is a ukulele-toting, award-winning songwriter & performer. With a passion for songwriting since she was 10, (first on keyboard, then on guitar), she studied at the Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA) & in 2003, she took up the ukulele as her main accompaniment.

Since the release of her first ukulele album in 2006 (& her Jumping Flea), Vox has been one of the leading songwriters on the ukulele scene (Ukulele Magazine, front cover & feature article).

However, she straddles into the folk scene as well, where she’s opened for Jackson Browne, Tom Chapin, Leo Kottke, & Cheryl Wheeler.

Victoria performs mostly as a one-woman-band, incorporating a loop pedal & bass effect on her ukulele, while taking her own solos (on mouth-trumpet), & cutting through it all with her genuine lyrics & pure voice.

Workshop, 3:30-5pm
“Get in the Groove”
In this very hands-on, all-level ukulele class, we’ll play around with different rhythms & grooves. Over a simple chord progression we’ll work on loosening up the right hand for fun strums! The groove even starts before you play a note!

We’ll play a simple tune in many different styles: Pop / Jazz / Ska / Swing / Blues / Reggae / Opera / Bluegrass, etc.

This class is groovy,100% fun, & a bit of a right hand strumming crash course!

Concert, 7pm
Victoria Vox has an original sound that’s at the same time powerful & playful, featuring smooth vocals, expert ukulele, & her perfected mouth trumpet. She takes improvisational solos echoing the tones of trumpet genius, Chet Baker, solely with her voice. This odd & quirky talent, nonetheless, landed her on the Jay Leno Show (2009) & on the front page of the Wall Street Journal (2015).

FMI & to reserve, call 941-966-5800. Space is limited!
Workshop:  $25 in advance; or $30 the day of
Concert:  $15 in advance; or $20 the day of
Both:  $35 in advance; or $40 the day of

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